My name is Adam Z. I am a developer at CoverMyMeds, and I started Story Estimate as a side project to help me learn Ruby on Rails


How is "Disagreement" indicator determined?

I use a coefficient of variation to determine the disagreement level among players. If you'd like to play around with it, you can test it here Coefficient of Variation Calculator

How is discussion order determined?

The discussion order shows the top 3 players whose vote is most deviated from the mean. Additionally, we look at the frequency and speed of voting. Finally, the players who vote "?", also get to the top of the discussion order.

Can I change my default estimation settings, so I don't have to change it every time?

Yes, if you have a permanent account. Go to your Settings and click on "Default Estimation Settings". We'll fill the new estimation page with your defaults when you start a new estimation. However, you can still change it.

Is it free?

All of the features are free, but some might become available only to paid accounts in the future... although unlikely. Just don't want to overpromise that this will be forever free.